Dyeing gears

I was wondering the best method to go about dyeing our gears? We have been wondering it for a while yet couldn’t find anything.

Would appreciate the support

Edit: I’ve been suggested various ways and have decided on using rit dye thanks to @ThirdDegree
Thanks for the support

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Dyeing as in coloring?


I think you can paint them with spray paint but I don’t know what friction will be created.

Yeah, adding colors to better rep our bot and distinguish it

According to google, Rit Dye can be used to colour plastic.

Hydro dip if you want a design, otherwise I’d spray paint

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Thanks I’ll look into that

The paint may add extra thickness to your gears, potentially creating friction. Does anybody have experience with painting gears and what effect does it have on friction?

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Please do not paint your gears, or anything that regularly makes contact with another part of the robot for that matter. This will add excess friction to your system. You can dye gears any way you’d dye any other plastic.

If you still feel compelled to paint your gears, you can also tape over the teeth and paint only the outside.


It will add friction and cause problems to your gears. I suggest IF you do paint to simply put tape over the area that makes contact with the other gear.

If @ThirdDegree’s article wasn’t enough, I found that there are a lot of tutorials for dying delrin (gear material) yoyos which you could check out.

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Let me go spray paint all of the gears for my flywheel

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