Dyeing Omni Wheel Rollers - How To Remove From Wheel?

I’m looking to dye just the rollers on my omni wheels, not the plastic shell. They are the new 4" kind with the white rollers. I know it’s possible to remove the rollers from the wheel body, but I’m not sure how to go about doing so. Is there a recommended method? Are the wheels designed to let you do this? Will the rollers want to fall out again after I put them back?

Is there anything else I should know before trying this?


My experience is incredibly limited. I have removed a single roller for an omni wheel to mess around with. I did put it back together and it hasn’t randomly fallen apart. I would take into account that this was a 2.75 wheel that I simply messed around with and has never been part of a drive, so it has not been under any stresses.

Bring extra wheels., and make it possible to change them out.


in the beginning of the season we experimented with 4in omni wheels that where actually cut in half, or technically turned down on a lathe. in doing so we found that a large flat head screw driver wedged near the center of the wheels outer edge. then twisted while the wheel is held so the roller is perpendicular to the ground so the pin slides down works best.

note: we also switched a mix of old and new rollers (green and gray) on our tower take over bot and used them all season with out a problem. how ever we would advise against repeatedly doing this as it is an intended operation.

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When I remove rollers I just take a flat head screw driver and use leverage to get it out. I have yet to have any problems doing that, but you should still be careful to not crack the plastic housing


The way shown in this video works well for 4" and 2.75" wheels. I haven’t had much success with 3.25s this way, though. I just ended up covering the rollers with tape (I was trying to paint the plastic housing, not do anything g to the rollers).


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