Dynamic velocity with drivetrain? (VEX IQ)

Is it possible to make a drivetrain velocity equivalent to the AxisA/D position of the controller, but have each motor have an independent value? (I don’t know if I made myself understand well, I hope so lol)

A/D I’m not sure. But axises 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be done with that by doing “setVelocity.motor(controller.axis.1)” or something.

Also, i have the drivetrain configurated as a drivetrain, no standalone motors or smth

If configured as drivetrain, I’m pretty sure dynamic velocity is impossible.
I might be wrong, try something like // "when driver control" hat block int ondriver_drivercontrol_0() { Drivetrain.setDriveVelocity(Controller1.Axis3.position(), percent); return 0; }

In fact, I might try it to see how it works out.

In Vex V5 Blocks, the drivetrain feature doesn’t allow separate control of each motor attached to said drivetrain. You could recode the driving to use each motor separately and use functions to replace the drivetrain parts but still have independent control of motors. I am not at all experienced with text code though so no telling if this works for you or not

I get (ig), isnt so smooth but it works, ur code should be like this

void onevent_VelocidadDin_0(){
  while (true) {

Also, i do it as a event coz i have the autonomous and driver in one programming, so u its optional put it on a event, also idk how to make it on blocks, if i figure out how i will post it