e-VRC Cast Announcement

Hey All,

Me and @NightsRosario along with a handful of others have been working on a project for a bit. We would like to announce the e-VRC Cast!

The e-VRC cast is a monthly (at least we hope so) stream where some of the people from the VEX community will get together to just talk about whatever is happening in relation to the competition. The first cast will be Saturday at 5PM EST on the e-VRC channel on Twitch. The hosts are as follows

Dominic | 2011C
Ben | 2616J | PSU
Soham | 4001A | PSU
Hanebal | EZ | [REDACTED]
Joseph | 5588D
Kapri | 4154X
Eric | 2158R | SUB0
Noah | 60883D
Sele | EZ
Leo | 2616N
Hayden | 2142E

Before you say β€œIsn’t that way too many people”, yea, yea it is.

We hope to see everyone there to discuss the new game, meta predictions, and just whatever else pops up!

Link: Twitch

Time: 5 PM EST


I, for one, am excited to talk about the new game with some of my friends

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List of people looks like vtow voice chat :joy:


This is gonna be great

It is indeed going to be a wonderful time. Can’t wait to discuss frisbee frenzy in accordance with its rules.


Epic. I noticed that this is on the same channel as the minecraft competitions, are those related?

Only in that a similar group of people is involved in both

The cast will be epic

can i join

too many people in it

let me join eric

I’m only watching for God Emperor Kapri

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me too


no way me too

Me too!

me too! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I am very excited to participate in this!! Maybe I’ll even give away some early season leeks :eyes: ???

Hey this podcast looks really exciting


Seems pretty neat. Definitely need to check it out.

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