Early Bird Pre-registration?

Hi, I have a question about EB registration periods, based on a question I asked my RSM recently.

Per the original Early Bird document, EPs were not permitted to add teams before EB Registration opened. Furthermore, per the recent adjustment, if a team had registered for 2 events and tried to signup for a 3rd event, they would not be eligible to.

So my question is, when I check for events in RE that I know aren’t open for another few hours yet, why I am seeing teams that are shown as registered for the event? Does this not circumvent and break the system that was supposed to be in place? How is that fair to other teams that want to attend events? Isn’t that purpose of an invitational if EPs wanted to close off their event?

Did the region opt out of EB? That could be.

No, our region didn’t. I would know if it did, and the particular event on its page still says not open for EB registration until 11:00 AM today.

But when I checked this around 8:30 AM today there were 4 teams registered in one event, and 8 teams in the other.

Definitely weird.

And less than an hour after registration opens, we’ve had so many shenangians that make me think the system is broken

screen shot and turn it in to your rep. If nothing is done, I’d go further up the chain.

It’s funny that you can see who is registered. In our area, the team list is not visible until closer to the event and after EB is over…at least that’s what I thought.

If you’re an event partner, you can see more than the average user can see.

EPs can register just their own teams before it opens. They set the time and date of it opening anyway, so they would be first anyway. We didn’t see any harm in allowing this. But let us know if you see someone abusing this ability.

Thank you Jim, I’ll send an email later describing some things I observed.