Early Season Autonomous

In our second competition of the school year ( we had no autonomous running in the first tournament) last week, our teams were able to do pretty well. Our top team from an autonomous standpoint AVERAGED 4.8 points. They won autonomous 5 times. Second best averaged 2.7 pts. They also won autonomous 5 times. Next two teams averaged 1.7-1.8 points and won autonomous 4 of 6 times. I am curious, at this point in the season, how does that compare to what you see?

Where do you see it going over the course of the year? It seems like one of the designs of this game is for top teams to need to have multiple auton options to complement your alliance partner and possibly also defend your opponents. Thoughts?

Is that average score for an individual team or the alliance during autonomous? I’ll be watching this thread with interest but don’t have anything to add since we haven’t been to any tournaments yet this year.

The stats were for our individual teams, not for the alliance. i am concentrating on our teams and how they perform, but that would be another good way to look at it.

Ours is a 4-7 point variable.

4 points: Drive to middle section, dump preload over and knock two off the fence, with one going to the far zone

7 points: Drive to middle, dump preload over and knock all 4 stars off the middle, with 3 going to the far zone.

It all depends on how we place our robot at the start

Does that include descoring points (i.e. pushing the preload forward a tile = 1 point)?

How many matches did each robot play?

Great question. I was wondering the same thing. All scoring is not the same. If you knock one off the fence, that nets 1 point and swings the score by one point. If you take a star from the far zone and get it into the opposing far zone, that nets 2 points but swings the score by 4 points. Simply moving the cube from far zone to the near zone does not net any points yet swings the score by 2 points.

All points in Startstruck are not created equal!

What you are calling 4 points is actually 6 points because you are also descoring 2 points. What you are calling 7 points is actually 9 points because you are descoring 2 points.

Thinking about what is being descored in an element of the game that does not seem to be considered by a lot of people, but it is a very important part of the strategy. Assume both alliances score 4 stars in the near zone. One alliance score their two pre-loads and knocks 2 off the fence while the other alliance only scores stars off the floor. The second alliance won the autonomous by 4 points.

For autonomous, the biggest single prize other than high hanging is tossing the cube to the far zone. That is an 8 point swing with one quick score.

I would say that this video: Northwest VEX Robotics Final 1 Second View - YouTube shows what two elite level teams can pull off in autonomous this year at minimum. So far seeing that auto routine live has been my favorite part of Starstruck. I think the interesting part will be how quickly can an alliance can score and “knock off” the other alliance’s auto from correctly running.

Our robot (a catapult) consistently scores 8 points for us and descores 8 points from our opponent by launching two stars and a cube from our far zone to our opponent’s far zone.

EDIT: With the exception of selecting the wrong side for the auton, we won all 10 of our matches.

@Puzzler7 I honestly hadn’t thought about the scoring elements on the ground being worth 2x the ones on the wall. For purposes of discussion, how do we put that into one number? Take @Aeden_6007 's example above and call it 16 points? I will have to go back and recalculate.

For discussion, it wold be interesting to hear your averages. The ones I mentioned above include 6+ tries with MAX scores much higher than the average. Any time a team says they have a 9 point auton, my first question is how often does it get nine points?

If you get a cube and 2 stars into the far zone, and knock one off the fence into the near zone, that would be 9 points

Mine would be like getting the cube into the far zone, while knocking the stars off the fence, and then the three stars from far zone to the other side

Ours is an 8 to 16 point variable. Its not quite finished though so it will probably not get the 16 points once its done due to us having to speed it all up to fit in the 15 seconds. :frowning: