Early Season Competition

It time for competition! Now open on Robotevents, the Monroe County Fair Tournament.

Teams from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and anywhere else are invited to come to the Monroe County Fair (MI) for early season competition. The best way to learn the rules and strategy is to play the game! Registration includes admission to the Fair: the event is over by 5:00, and the fair is open ‘til 11.

Is it too early for your regular teams? Then get a quick “summer team” together and build Byte/Striker from the plans. Getting some competition experience early is more important than what robot you have!

Referee and Judge volunteers are welcome too! This is a great chance to get your referees and judges some early season experience: they will work with our regular seasoned Certified Head Referees and Judge Advisors.

Here’s the links:
VIQRC Monroe County Fair VIQRC Full Volume MI Kickoff : Blended VIQRC ES/MS Michigan Region 3 Qualifier : Robot Events
VRC Monroe County Fair VRC Over Under MI Kickoff : Blended VRC MS/HS Michigan Region 3 Qualifier : Robot Events


Will it be recorded or livestreamed, and if so where could I find it?

Sorry, no livestream for the Fair event :frowning:
All our other events are livestreamed on our Youtube channel, but for the Fair we have no internet connection…no place to plug in a network cable.