Early-season competition

In just 4 more weeks, the Monroe County Fair VEX Robotics Qualifier! Team Virus invites everyone from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, and Ontario to come to our early season event. Held outdoors under the big Entertainment Tent at the Fair, every team will receive 6 tickets to the fair to enjoy after the event. We’ll have a VEX IQ scrimmage too.
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It’s too far for me to come - but please post some tournament footage on youtube!! I’m so curious to see how tournament play is going to go.

We’ll get something out there. Our local cable TV will be filming the event too, and making a program about VEX Robotics. When the program is aired, there will be a link available for that, too.

On August 6, VEX Team 3547: Virus hosted the MCCC/Monroe County Fair VEX Qualifier. We could like to congratulate the Excellence Award Winners, Team 35A from Cranbrook Schools, and thank the major sponsors of this unique outdoor event, Monroe County Community College and the Monroe County Fair.http://www.technology-education-resources.com/mediac/400_0/media/f00e1ef971db479cffff87bcffffe415.jpg

Nice! Given the whack state of robotevents, could you share info like top score, average score, best skills score, etc. if you still have those?

Thanks, and congrats to the winning teams!

The event was an amazing kickoff for the season. The website change over created some challenges with the event operation and TMS. We will hopefully return here with a greater detail including scores and awards later today or tomorrow. In the mean time enjoy more pictures and commentary by using the website links in the signature below.

Jeff Demaray
3547 Virus VEX Robotics
Mentor, Event organizer

E mail jeffdemaray@yahoo.com