Early-Season Event-August 6

Excited to start the new game? Want to get an early advantage? VEX Team 3547: Virus hosts the earliest official qualifier in Michigan:

The Monroe County Community College/Monroe County Fair VEX Qualifier
Saturday, August 6

The event will be held during the day in the big entertainment tent. We’ll have two fields on the stage for competition, and all registered teams get tickets to the fair included in the registration. Compete all day, and spend the evening at the fair!

We would like to invite all teams from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and even western Pennsylvania to come to our event, located in the southeast corner of Michigan.

Get you team together for a summer workshop, and bring your robots to competition…even if you don’t get the Excellence award, the early season experience will set you weeks ahead of the competition on the path to next year’s world championship!

It sounds like a very cool event and you might gave to add a state to the list because I might come up to Michigan because there are no early season tournaments in Illinois.

We’d love to have you come out. It’s about a 5-hour drive (plus the time change) to Monroe, MI from the Chicago area.

We will probably be there, was a lot of fun this year.

Awesome…and no low-wires on the tent this year: the fair is letting us use really big tent that was across the road from where we were set up in 2015.