Early Season Reveal || 8068 Singapore IsoDynamic & IsoDynamicX

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8068E - Isodynamic
6 m Turbo 1:1 Chassis
1 M Speed 1:5 lift 6 bar
1 m Torque 1:3 Puncher
1 m Turbo 1:1 Ball intake
1 Piston cap intake
1 piston height adjust

8068X - IsodynamicX
6 m Turbo 1:1 Chassis
2 M Speed 1:5 lift 4 bar
2 m Torque 1:1 Puncher
1 m Turbo 1:3 Ball intake
Passive cap intake

RIP Singapore

Nice!!! I am curious about why you choose to launch the balls with a puncher instead of a flywheel tho.

From our testing in Nothing but Net, we found that punchers were much easier to build and tune. Given that Singapore VEX was about 2 months after the game reveal, we needed a reliable design that was quick and easy to build, so we just went with the puncher.

But we might try out a flywheel later in the season, when we have the time :slight_smile:

Amazing… looks like you guys have improved by a lot just within these few days after the scrimmage. :slight_smile:
@siam see you tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Hope you are not looking forward to our dismissal…

I read it as a reference to the new qualifications for worlds.

Don’t think there is a need to reference to this (already much discussed) topic In a reveal thread.

The focus should be on the robots and teams.

Edit: it does have an obituary or condolences feel to the message.

I see that you use the lift to aid in climbing the platforms; can they still climb the platforms without the aid of the lift?

Just a pointer I noticed - isn’t the lift out of the 18" expansion limit when you lift it up to get on the centre platform?

Awesome bots.

1:32 is the coolest thing I’ve seen today.

Amazing robots!

I don’t really have anything else to say…

Yes, and really it was just a cool thing we wanted to show off. Of course we aren’t going to use it during competition.

Are those claws passive or active? I can’t even tell! Bravo!

When is the Singapore Vex Competition? I don’t see it on robotevents…

could the passive claw get the cap thing when its tilted and how does the flipping thing work for you guys for the caps

Could you show some up close pictures of that 6 bar?

8068E has a turntable powered by 1 motor, which uses a pneumatic claw to grab the caps. 8068X also has a turntable powered by 1 motor, but uses a passive intake to grab the caps.

Singapore Vex this year was on the 18th and 19th

The passive claw cannot intake the caps whilst it is titled, but it can intake it quite well while it is flat on the ground. The main problem we faced with a passive intake would be that it is not easy to score the caps because of the non-linear motion of the 4/6 bar, so any misalignment would cause the cap to fall out.

We should be posting some more photos and pictures of it at Singapore Vex :slight_smile:

K thanks are you going to post them on this fourm?

What made you go with the angled passive cap intake instead of the one most people have been proposing with the standoffs coming out at a 90 degree angle off the c channel? I know you would have to implement a release mechanism due to size constraints, but this shouldn’t have been too difficult. We haven’t gotten any elements yet so I haven’t started prototyping yet, just curious.

Yes we will! :slight_smile:

I assume you are referring to the ‘Y’ shaped intake design. We actually did try to have standoffs coming out at a 90 degree angle for our early robot designs. One of the main issues we faced was that it was very hard to aim and intake the cap because of the small intake area. This Y Intake solves that problem because it can intake the cap so long as any part of the standoff is touching the core of the cap. If tuned properly, this intake design can definitely be very effective.