Early Season Scouting Techniques

The title is a bit confusing.

But, I was wondering what techniques everyone is thinking about using for scouting this season.

What techniques have you used before that you like?


VexDB is really useful!

This early in the season, we usually end up searching for a team’s previous performance in order to get an estimate of how good their performance will be this year. This isn’t always the best method, however, since a large number of teams switch up their letters between seasons.

Social media is another good way to contact teams directly and ask about how they’re doing. Most teams will tend to be pretty open and willing to talk to you, as long as you’re not asking really specific questions or trying to copy their robot.

At the actual competition itself, we usually like to scout before schedules are released, since once matchups are announced, obviously any team that is against you in a match will not want to talk about robots or strategy. Being friendly to all teams is probably the single most important thing you can do, since a team that you beat/beats you in qual matches might very well end up on your alliance in eliminations!

Our team is probably not the best example of scouting done perfectly, but I hope some of these tips helped :stuck_out_tongue: