Early Worlds Prototype

No this is not the reveal video!

Here is a quick look at what im planning on using for worlds. I took my bot home on Sunday and completely took it apart. (state bot) Here is what a came up with. Please give me tips and some advice as that is what im looking for. https://youtu.be/OWqQBEgdnEg https://youtu.be/7WdYxD-9vIo
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Also here is a video of the robot I used at state. The most points I was able to get was 172. Hoping this one can do better. https://youtu.be/NjTjnM9z-oQ

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Pretty Impressive! Can you show us some pictures of your arm when it’s raised, maybe?

Sure, ill reply with some when I get home.

Your robot design is overall looking good, and I think that it’ll be pretty competitive. Here’s my two cents on a version of that robot that I think would work a bit better. I think that a robot like this (the one on the left at the start) would be better because it is faster. This allows for ultimately more scoring. Another key point is that it is lightweight, which makes it so that you can gear it fast. Lastly, the tall pushers on the robot are important because they react against the middle plate of the riser, not the standoffs, which makes pushing risers much easier and more consistent. I would be happy to send you pictures of my robot if you want help with anything.

Good luck and congratulations on getting to worlds!