Easiest Way To Test Auto In RobotC?

I was wondering what the easiest way to test autonomous is?

Is it possible to test with a normal USB Cable and the RobotC Competition control debugger?

Easiest way would be to have the programming cable (NOT the A-A USB cable) plugged in from the computer to the VEX Joystick and debug it wirelessly through the VEXNet keys.

But is it possible to do it through the A-A USB cable?

What you can do is that you can just create a new file rather than the competition template. With this, it would just run whatever you have in the code instead of having all that background VEX competition code where you would need a competition switch to enable autonomous. When you’re done testing auto you can just copy paste the code over into your competition template if you use the same references for motors, etc. Unless you mean if the A-A cable is usable in general. It is, but it’s a hassle having to follow your robot around being that the cable will stretch unless you have a long cable.

Yes you can but I would not suggest doing that.

I have tried using the competition control debugger through the USB A-A cable and it does nothing, I have followed all the steps from this page http://www.robotc.net/support/cortex/testing.pdf

I’m not sure about using the competition debugger in RobotC, but you can still debug without it just by seeing how the robot performs. If you try to download code to the microcontroller, does a status bar pop up showing the download progress?

yea it does, but how do i test the autonomous if i cant use the competition control debugger

Like the user above suggested. Open a blank file (not the competition template) and put your autonomous routine in the main statement. The routine will start immediately when it finishes downloading to the microcontroller. If you’re looking to get real time feedback, you can have the routine output sensor values and motor values to an LCD screen.

Ok thank you!

Except it’s still probably better to use the competition template. When your robot is running over your most prized laptop, it’s a lot easier to flick a switch than it is to position a pointer and click on a stop button.

Thank You, We have ordered a switch :slight_smile: