East Oahu VEX Competition 2010

Tournament Champions
2438A - 'Iobotics - Iolani School
2932B - Pueo Engineering - Mid Pac Institute
3008F - Kalani Falcons - Kalani High School

Robot Skills Challenge Winner
2438A - 'Iobotics - Iolani School

Progamming Skills Challenge Winners
2438A - 'Iobotics - Iolani School
1336A - Mustangs - Kalaheo High School

(It was a tie.)

Excellence Award
2932B - Pueo Engineering - Mid Pac Institute

Judge’s Award
1841 - Buff and Blue - Punahou School

(Correct me I’m wrong, I might’ve mixed up a few letters here and there.)

Shoutout to Iolani for putting up a good match in qualifying and finals. We were really striving to try and beat you guys for once :stuck_out_tongue: It was REALLY close for our lone qualification match against you guys and if our robot hadn’t failed the autonomous, we would’ve won by one point. It was kind of bit of a shame that Farrington had some controller problems during eliminations, we had some good strategies worked out for you XD

Hope to see all the Hawaii teams again at Pan Pacific.

Thanks for posting and for the commentary! We really enjoyed hosting the tournament (and I enjoyed MCing).

For the curious: driver skills winning score 109, programming skills winning score 13. Yes, programming really was a tie all the way down. Same second-highest score, same method of scoring.

1841 was actually 1841A and 1841B. Their two teams consisted of three seventh graders total, and they built a bot that could high hang and another solid claw scorer. Then they wound up as second and eighth seeds, respectively.

2932B was a team with a really amazing engineering journal and a fast, effective robot which ended up as the first seed and the tournament champion.

I only counted one center-needle design at the tournament, but we saw a lot of claws and some other, more unique designs. Guess Hawaii decided they don’t like the needle, maybe because of its relative lack of success at our first tournament.

See you all at Pan Pac!

“programming skills 13”
curious on exactly HOW they got 13??
if they scored one preload, that would give them 7 points (5 pts for owning, 2 pts for tube scored)
how would they get the combination of 13?!?!

nvm they just pick up a stack of 4 and put them all on one goal :stuck_out_tongue:
I was over thinking it XD

No preloads, pick up one stack of four tubes and score it.

Preloads are a bit of a problem in this year’s skills challenges. When you can’t score every tube on the field, they’re great, but once you can they start becoming a hassle because you have more tubes than fit on the goals and you have to be able to balance what you score. With a claw, sure, with a center roller…

Actually, 1336 just ran their (very good) competition autonomous. Shows what you can get (read: slot to Worlds) for just entering, even if you didn’t specifically prepare for a challenge. Of course, due to the finicky nature of autonomous in this year’s game, you might just wind up with all 0s. Programming Skills at Worlds will be interesting.

I was very surprised when my team was called for the judges award. What was also surprising was that 13 was the highest score for the programming skills. If only I had an atonymous for climbing the ladder.