Eastern Pennsylvania Regional - 28 Feb 2009 - Downingtown PA

Downingtown East and West roBots (DEWBots) present
a VEX Elevation National Qualification Event

The Eastern Pennsylvania Regional

Saturday February 28, 2009
Downingtown Education Center
335 Manor Ave, Downingtown, PA
(45 minutes from Philadelphia, PA, 2 hours from Baltimore, 2 hours from New York City, 12 minutes off of Exit #312 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so yes we are close to YOU!)
Doors open at 8AM
First practice match at 9AM
Prizes awarded at 4PM

This is the Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Championship; the winners are qualified to go to the National Competition.

Entry fee is $100 per team – Limit of 24 Teams – Register Today!

Robots – Food – Music – Robots – Prizes – Screaming – Food – did we say Robots?

See http://www.stemrobotics.org for more details
Sign up for VEX Elevation at http://robotevents.com/
Contact Foster Schucker at 302-363-7347 or email Foster.Schucker at the stemrobotics.org site to volunteer or for questions.

Attention Vexplorer Owners!
Vexplorers (*) are not eligible to compete at the Eastern Pennsylvania Regional. BUT if you sign up ahead of time with me (click on my name and send me an email) we will organize a few Vexplorer matches so you can show off your driving skills and construction ability. If we get more than 6 Vexplorers registered I’ll offer prizes for the winning alliance.

There are over 3000 new Vexplorer owners in the last 30 days, come show us what YOU can do.

Eastern Pennsylvania Regional - 28 Feb 2009
Robots – Food – Music – Robots – Prizes – Screaming – Food – did we say Robots?

*Specifically Stock Vexplorer robots using the Vexplorer control unit and motors. The hardware, gears, etc. are allowed. If you live near Downingtown PA contact me about joining our robotics team or the short term loan of controls and motors.

ROBOTEVENTS.com Registration is now open for the Eastern PA Regional](http://robotevents.com/event.php?eid=1316") Sign up today, the event is 7 weeks away!

Radnor Robotics Team 101 is signed up and ready to go. We cannot wait to compete!

Reminder, we are about 30 days away from the event, slots are filling fast, please register today or contact me to say that you are attending.

Saturday is the event, we are all set up. No Vexplorers have registered but we are hopeful that we may get some.

We do have 20 teams from 14 school.

We will try to webcast the matches and the details, keep an eye on this thread to get the URL’s . Matches start at 10AM EST.

I just checked there are empty seats in the Vancouver to Philadelphia nonstop, fill them with Vex roboteers and bring them over!!!

We’ll keep you posted.

Web cast is at http://www.justin.tv/oxytommy

Skills challenges will start at 2:15 Eastern Time

Finals will start at 3:15 PM Easter Time

does one of the teams have more than one conveyor system on the bot? the stream just kinda stopped really abruptly

Yes, two of the bots have dual conveyers, holds about 10 blocks.

Final results:

Amaze - Springfield 423B
Build - Driven 76
Innovative - Vexy Things 12C

Driver Skills - Driven 76 - (43 points) - (12 teams participated)

Autonomous Programming Skills - Sand Crawlers 12B (18 points) (4 teams participated)

Top 4 Alliances (Captains first)
1st - 677 Montclair Robotics
631 Strike Force

2nd - 12A Weather Makers
12D Hypnotoads

3rd - 76 Driven Nuts
101 Radnor Robotics

4th - 12c Sand Crawlers
12e Easily Distracted

677 Montclair Robotics
631 Strike Force

76 Driven Nuts
101 Radnor Robotics

677 Montclair Robotics
631 Strike Force

(Winning robots were the snorkle/tread bots)

There were some very close matches from a large variety of competitive robots.

Thanks to everyone that came and participated, thanks to Driven for the loan of your practice field and a big thank you Downingtown Robotics and STEMRobotics for hosting this event. We had over 100 people there and according to the webcast site another 120 people watched.

Good luck to Montclair Robotics, Strike Force, Driven Nuts and the Sand Crawlers in both Dallas and Omaha. You other teams are going to have your hands full with these robots.

my guess is that each conveyor system can be controlled separately correct?

Yes, they move blocks and to some extent can position themselves independently of each other.

Thanks to Foster, Steve and all of the volunteers. It was a great event!!! The head ref (Clem?) did a great job of officiating. He was fair and reasonable. Congrats to Montclair on their win. Thanks to Driven Nuts for selecting us to be their alliance partner. You guys are a great team and it was privilege to be partnered up with you guys. The robot driving and programming competitions are an excellent addition to the regular competition. It was interesting to see how good the robots could do on their own. Thanks again to everyone at STEMrobotics and Downingtown for a memorable Saturday.

Anyone post video anywhere? Love robot action! :slight_smile:

Pictures on the front page of the paper