Easy-Beginner Building Software

Hey guys, I am looking for an easy beginner software to design your robot in or ideas. What do you think is the best? Vex EDR btw. :slight_smile:

the VEX Robot code studio.
In my opinion is good one to start with because it has quick little cheat sheet on the said also there are many guiding code books online that can help you with it ( if that make sense )

hope this helps ( / is this what u were ask for?)

This is not what I was asking for… I said to design robots or ideas on. Like CAD I guess you could say. :smiley:

Oh sorry they I don’t know
( my bad read it wrong )

You good :slight_smile:

do you have any experience with previous cad?

Not really. But I have tried other cads but it just to hard and takes a TON of time just to get a part in the right place.

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Fusion 360 is free and easy to learn. If you have a little more time, I would recommend Autodesk Inventor (you can get the education version for free if you’re a student).

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lol thats what CAD is. hate to break it to ya

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic would probably be of interest to you. I have no personal experience with it, but I gather it is designed to be easier for beginners to use than full-fledged CAD software.


i would recommend fusion 360. to me, robot mesh is really janky

@Barin @iskdyl Both of you are correct. Barin’s correct that it’s easy to use in that it’s just dragging parts into position with a little bit of snapping logic, and iskdyl’s correct that there’s a bit of known janky-ness to the UI and workflow. We hope to have some UI and workflow improvements for Mimics sometime Soon™, but it is still quite functional in its current state.

One thing it does have over pure CAD is that you can prototype your program as well as your physical robot with it.


What Cad programs have you tried and what is difficult for you about 3D Cad? As others have said Fusion360 and inventor are both pretty solid programs, which are made better because vex provides a cad library built for Autodesk products. I would suggest going through a youtube tutorial or try creating simple single parts before stepping into assembly design.

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thanks for the clarification. i’m a big fan of robot “mimicking” and i’ve always thought that it was a cool feature that you could test out your cad on a virtual field. robot mesh is perfect for that.