Easy C 4V Can't Connect Robot to Computer

Hello, I’m a bit new to robotics so please forgive me for my lack of terminology. I recently downloaded the easyC V4 for Cortex programming software. Upon finishing the first tutorial, I tried to download the code into the robot but a message appeared saying something along the lines of “cannot connect to Vex System Info (because trying to connect while the cable was unplugged)”. I’ve spent about a week searching the forums and the internet but nothing seems to help. I’ve downloaded the mastercode and a USB-to-USB programming cable software (which is the cable I use) but neither of those fix the problem. I am trying this on a Windows 8 laptop so I’m not sure if that’s the cause for this issue. If someone could help me that would be great. If not I might just end up calling the Vex technical support. Thank you.

Hi Ethan,

Please try to download Master Code into the Cortex per the attached instructions.
Also for immediate assistance feel free to call us directly: (903)453-0802

Let me know your results.

NOTE- Also please read the following thread: https://vexforum.com/t/response-easy-c-4v-cant-connect-robot-to-computer/23789/1

easyC.pdf (213 KB)