Easy C Autonomous Help

My team (we are rookies) is trying to write a basic autonomous. we aren’t sure how to get the robot to go forward for a set time but we haven’t been able to figure how to. If you could help me out that would be great. Thanks.

If you are using EasyC V.4 it should have installed with some sample projects. You should be able to go to open project>samples>time control dead reckoning.

This sample should help you learn how to program motors to run under time control. Once you have mastered this you can place the code in a competition template under the autonomous marker. Try it and see how you do, if you run into trouble post the code you have so others can isolate the problems. And enjoy, there is a lot of satisfaction in writing and autonomous program.

If you load and play with some of the other sample programs you will be surprised how much you will learn!

Thanks for the help.

There are plenty of tutorials on Easy C, along with some on the internet as well. My advise is to label all of your motors properly in the Controller Configuration area. You can also use the On Line window to control each motor individually. Mark down which charge (127 or -127) propels the motor forward and backward (Depending on how the motors on your robot are set up, it may be different)

When programming multiple steps into a complex autonomous program, it might be worthwhile to go into the smart functions and use multimotor control, but until then, you can program each individual motor to move in three directions (forward, reverse, or stopped) for a set amount of time. Whenever you place a command down for a motor to move, you should put a “wait” block afterward to tell it how long you want them to go for. After the “wait” block, you can command the robot’s motors to perform another movement or have them stop.

That might have been a little difficult to absorb all at once, but like I and the others said, there’s plenty of online tutorials as well.