Easy C commands

hey, i want to buy the programming kit, but i know nothing about programming past simple ones on my calculator. i was wondering if the programming kit came with any or all commands, what they mean, and or instructions on how to atleast start programming.

if the above makes no sense, all i want to know is if the programming kit comes with basic steps on how to program the microcontroller of the bot.

thanks for any help

-Bobby Champagne

The easyC software comes with help files that explain how every function works, all of their parameters, and even some demo programs that you can check out and use as a basis for your own programs. If you program often, the software should be a breeze. :wink:

hey, that’s what i like to hear, thanks for the reply.
i am more presuaded to get the programming kit now, any advice for the kit

We recommend going to the getting started section in the help file. Also there is a VEX programming video at http://www.intelitekdownloads.com/easyCV2

just start with simple things, like controlling a motor, writing to the terminal window, loops and if commands

thanks alot for the replys, and for that link to the video, that helped alot:D . i’m definetly gonna get both the programming kit and a whole bunch more sensors for my bot.


thanks alot for the replys, and the video helped alot!