Easy c gyro help

Our team has been trying to figure out how to utilize the gyroscope on our robot. We have looked through the forums but can’t find anything other than robotC code and drifting solutions. Right now we have been trying to implement it into our autonomous, but if we have more than 1 different degree turn it will spin around indefinitely. Does anyone know how to fix it. (Btw I’m one of the programmers).

Yeah we looked at them but couldn’t figure much out. I’m not at school now but on Monday I’ll post the code.


This is the code that we used, but if we have more than 1 version of it the robot just spins.
gyro code.JPG

We tried switching around the signs but it didn’t help. Could it be that both angles are using the same variable?

I did it and now it works, thanks for the help.