Easy C intall ISSUES!! HELP

I don’t know what the heck is going on, but here is my problem. I just bought Easy C V.2, and am trying to install it on my laptop running Vista Home Premium.

When I pop my CD in it says that it is a blank CD?!?! and asks me to format it! WTH?

Someone please help!

What I am doing right now is just downloading it off the net and am going to use my key that came with my cd. Will that work?

Please help! Thanks!

Please tell me you didn’t format the CD…

I did NOT!! Believe me I am not that stupid.

As long as you have the key you should be fine with the downloaded software.


agreed, although i would talk to intelitek, if you still have the key i bet they would send you a free CD (and obviously without a key)

Yeah, it did work (downloading it). I also tried it on my father’s computer, and it too was messed up. So, I am in the process of emailing Intelitek. Thanks!


I just got another CD from Intelitek, and it works perfectly. I just wanted to say how great the service was! Thanks!

Its pretty much amazing that CDs work at all, so one or two bad ones every so often is a amazing feet when they are making millions of them.