Easy C Pro Graphic Display

Hi. I just downloaded the Easy-C Pro trial version while waiting for my upgrade. I was using the graphic display and I noticed that it was glitching. It started showing text from the program in random spots. The color of items would flicker occasionally and values would be weird (61 instead of 6). This problem stopped when I pressed clear but came back after several (short) seconds. How can I solve this? Is it just the trial version? I need accurate readings to make a map of my keyboard. The program is here: (https://vexforum.com/local_links.php?catid=26&linkid=96).


I think its better when you lessen the amount of text…

If you update too fast it will cause the micro controller to glitch. Try using a timer to lessen the amount of updates. You can also draw the fixed items and only update the values.

Oh, thanks!:smiley: