Easy C Pro Key?

Wow they classify this as illegal?

On second thought i don’t want the key if it is illegal.

actually it shouldnt be free and you are getting more than that. i doubt anyone would risk messing up their own software to help out anyone else.

I didn’t say this program should be free, i said that they should offer it as a free update. If i buy easy c v2 i want an update to offer support for the extra sensors ect… Thats how company’s cheat you out of money by making a few changes and calling it a new product. Literally these programs are nothing but 1’s and 0’s.

One word… illegal


Software (and Music, for that matter) may just be 1’s and 0’s, but it is the exact arrangements of those bits that matter. If it is really so simple, then feel free to write your own development suite and sell it for a price you think is reasonable.

The cost of software development can be hard to quantify, but it is not nearly as cheap as most folks want to believe. Particularly for something like this, which has a small distribution volume compared to MS Office, or a game. That being said, I am a strong proponent of student pricing, which allows students access to expensive software for nearly nothing.

You are asking somebody to violate the terms of their license agreement, effectively a breach of contract. You may not agree with the product pricing, but that is what they charge. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it, but please don’t publicly ask others to violate the law for you.


  • Dean

I didn’t know this was illegal.

I thought it was physically pirating a piece of software like windows ect… But a series of 10 numbers , i didn’t know that was illegal.

If this is illegal then i don’t want the key.

Fair enough. Generally, software license keys are considered the token of ownership for the software license. If you share the key, that is usually considered the same as sharing the software it unlocks.

I am not a lawyer, and I haven’t personally read through the license agreement for Each C Pro, so please don’t take my comments on the subject as authoritative.


  • Dean

but two people cant not share the key. the keyes are pc specific