easy C question

I was doing testing with the Gyro and then thought I uncovered a problem with the optical shaft encoder function in Easy C I would appreciate if anyone using Easy C could check and confirm this is a problem.

I discovered that when using an optical shaft encoder after rotating back and forth (about 10 times) the encoder would not accurately reflect the position. moving the encoder plus and minus 90 degrees of travel would demonstrate this.
My test started with the encoder in a known location and set at 0. rotating the encoder shaft back and forth a few times and after a number of cycles the encoder would no longer read 0 at the starting location. The delta seems to be in one direction and grows over multiple cycles.
ROBOT C does not exhibit the same behavior, so I ruled out hardware as the issue. My Team’s coach tried this with similar results on a different PC & Cortex / OSE.

Results observed using the latest EasyC and a Cortex controller.

Cheers Kevin Barrett - Mentor for team 1166