Easy C Shaft Encoders

Hello Vex World,
Over the last few days I have been programming with some Quad Encoders. The very first day we programmed, they worked great and got consistent results every time we ran the program.
The second day we programmed, it was going good then it seemed like toward the end of the programming session that they were almost “Ignoring” the changes we made. Today is the third day we have programmed with them and can’t even get similar runs. :confused:
We would literally run the same program 3-4 times in a row and get a different spot every time. We set the robot the same though some tape on the field. On the first run, it was just about an inch off, second run, 2 inches off, third run, 3-4 inches off, fourth run, 5-8 inches off…:confused::mad:
We mounted it very solid and has no play in it at all. On the third day also, we would make a change, it would see to have no effect at all, make the change again hoping that the value we changed maybe was so small we couldn’t notice, we repeatedly tried this and it still would “ignore” the changes then all of the sudden “add” all of them together and make one HUGE change…:mad:
I’m not a master programmer as you can see but I know it can’t be a mechanical issue, I hope I included enough detail so we can possibly work it out together.
I’m using Easy C V4 and Using the Smart Task Wait Until Quad encoder blocks to regulate movement. I can post some screenshots of the code later if that would help.
Thanks in advance.