Easy c V2 Question

Hey i have a question.

My code that i had with easy c pro, the tool to allow to set a motor specifically to a rx controller is not reading when downloading into the Controller Like we tested our processor and everything and we don’t know what we can do to fix this.

What version of easyC are you using? Your title says V2 but your question says Pro.

Did you reload the master code?

Can you attach a zipped copy of your code?

This all started to happen when using Easy c V2.v When using pro it never happend. I will attach the Code asap here for you to see

You should update to the latest version of V2 as it uses the WPILib engine like Pro.

We downloaded the easy c v2 yesterday and tried it

Here’s the code
Competiton Code.zip (52.5 KB)

The issue is your opening a easyC Pro project in easyC V2. OIToPWM is not supported in V2 hence the error “Function Without Prototype”. We will add a check in into our next so you can’t open a V2 Project in Pro. You will need to replace OIToPWM with JoystickToMotor;

Thank you for the help