easy c v4 blue screen of death

Every once in a while, right as I click “yes, I want to download this to the cortex” I receive a blue screen of death. Any ideas?


We had the same problem with robotC. We were able to track it to the driver for the Prolific Serial cable. We fixed this by reinstalling the driver.

If this doesn’t fix the proble, record the contents of the BSOD so that I can take a look at it.

Thanks so much!

I’ve seen this same issue while using EasyC (all versions) on Windows 7. I was also told that this issue is something between the orange USB-to-Serial cable and Windows 7. I also tried reinstalling the prolific driver but unfortunately the issue is still present.

If you have a serial port on your computer, you can actually bypass the USB-to-Serial adapter by plugging the serial cable directly into your computer.

make sure that you have the most current version of your programming software and also make sure that you have the most current firmware in your cortex and joysticks

We have updated everything, reinstalled and followed everyones suggestion. We will get the picture of the BSOD after we finish preparing for the world competition.

Any other ideas?


try cutting and pasting everything into a new template… sometimes this fixes those crazy problems that nothing else does… other than that i have no clue

Here is a photo of the bsod.
IMG_1432 cropped.jpg

Do you have a picture of the top of the BSOD, as that is where the more useful information is. By any chance does it say “Driver IRL NOT LESS BUT EQUAL” or something similar?

How is this?

OK, you’re BSOD’s look different than the ones my computer gives me. From what I can see, it is not related to any drivers, so it is most likely not the prolific serial adapter. I’m not really sure where to go from here except contact EasyC support, but I have a feeling that you have already done that.

No. I usually go to unofficial forms first. Usually I get my problem fixed faster and better. Unless it is a bad one like this one. Thanks for all the input.


make sure that your running the most recent version of easy c because i recently got mine to BSOD too. i checked for an easy c update and there was one (week before worlds) so check into that too

Aha! I checked about a month ago for updates. I will post if it happens again.


We have spoken to IFI about the issue and we believe has a driver that fixes the BSOD issues wth windows Vista and Win 7.

ya it fixed the BSOD issue with mine