Easy C wont compile!

When i try to compile my code, a link would pop up and say Cannot write C File. When i looked at the trouble shooting section in the Inventor’s Guilde it says i have to be an administrator. The problem is that i am! what to do?!

call in the calvary?

Will it compile an empty project? What version of easyC are you using? What OS?

it wont compile empty project, using v.5, and what you mean by OS?

also the help menu wont come up when i click on it, the on-line window doesnt work either, and its version 1.1

OS = Operating System

Are you running Vista?

XP, does it have to be vista?

No, it doesn’t work with vista.

Try uninstalling easyC and deleting the install folder C:\Program Files\Intelitek

Then reinstall if that doesn’t work call support 800-221-2763