Easy motor controller

For any ppl who dont have money to spend on victor motor controllers which the best one is a good 150 bucks is there a cheaper way to hook up a good motor to the vex module

I have been looking at this one from parallax. Looks like it might do nicely, and at an attractive price. It’s even cheaper if you buy them in pairs.

You could build a 3 setting controller with a few relays plugged into digital outputs. If you attach a servo to a potentiometer, you could get analog control. Its a fairly cheap solution, probably around $20.

i notices there is 2 3 pin slots does this controller two motors or servos or any combination

I haven’t bought this (yet), so all I know is what’s in the manual
The second connector is used to control two motor controllers from one PWM wire.

guess what i found out

i took off the cover of the vex motor and hooked some alligator clips to the motor soldering then another motor and you can just desolder the vex motor and hook up a faster motor

the only problem is how do you find one of the same size with better speed or find a way to adapt another motor to the square shaft??