Easy way to avoid redundant questions in the official Q&A

Recently there have been a lot of questions asked in the official Starstruck Q&A that have been asked and answered already. Sometimes, it is a bit cumbersome to search the Vex forum, but the good news is that someone else has done that for you and nicely organized things by specific rules.


On this page of the vexdb website, they have a drop down of all the rules and then every Q&A that applies to that particular rule. Some of them apply to more than one rule and those will be found under each rule to which it applies.

This is also a very useful tool at competitions. The vast majority of the time refs will follow these official rulings when they are shown. Unfortunately, there are exceptions. Those exceptions should be brought to the attention of the head ref, the event partner, and if that still does not work, the RECF rep.

Be sure to read the rule along with the ref as some may mistakenly read a very clear answer incorrectly by substituting one word for another giving it a potentially different meaning (like should for must).

Fortunately, we have not had that problem up here in the Great White North.