EasyC 2.0 or EasyC Pro - any advise?


I would like to upgrade my VEX software and I was hoping to get some advise. I am not a member of any team - FRC or FVC, I just like building VEX robots as a hobby and I am currently using EasyC 1.0 that came with the programming kit.

I would like to upgrade to either EasyC 2.0 or EasyC Pro, but I wasn’t sure which one would be the better choice. I was told that EasyC Pro has all of the same features as EasyC 2.0 plus a lot more. I also know that you can use it to program the CMU 2 camera for use with the VEX Microcontroller. I just wasn’t sure if it would be worth the extra money or not - EasyC Pro would cost $195 compared to $50 for EasyC 2.0.

If I was going to get EasyC Pro, I figured that I might as well do it now instead paying for the EasyC 2.0 upgrade now and then paying for the EasyC Pro upgrade later.

If anyone could give me some advise, I would really appreciate it.


i only have ver 2.0 and maybe i cant say for this but i think if your just a hobbyist ver 2 is fine, the only reason i would buy pro is for the camera and being able to add your own C code (but I have a MPLAB software, by the way do you need anything special to program a Vex microcontroller from MPLAB?

basicXman, read this; http://users.wpi.edu/~bamiller/WPILib/ It has info on using WPILib (core of easyC) with MPLab.

I would suggest getting EasyC Pro. It is what I have, it allows you to add your own C code (not sure if other versions allow for that), use more pre-built functions (camera stuff mostly), but you can also use it to program for FRC. The bigger micro controllers (Even if you’re not involved with FRC, you can use those larger micro controllers for personal projects.)… Just my opinion though

Easy C 1.0 also allows you to add your own C code.

If Money is No Object, go with the EasyC Pro… But if you want to know what the costs are, here is the answer to my same question…

** If you bought a Vex Programming Kit with ver 1.x of EasyC, What ar the Upgrade Costs?