EasyC Arcade problems

My robot has a 6 motor drive. I want to put it in an arcade drive configuration. When I try to do this I end up with it either driving forward and backwards wrong and turning correctly, or turning correctly and driving forward wrong.

When I say wrong I mean it as in its inverted. When I press the joystick forward, it drives backward.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Ok so to start off, how did you create the arcade function with six motors? Did you create two arcade blocks and simply input the motor values? In a thread a while back (https://vexforum.com/t/6-motor-bot-programming/25244/1) an EasyC technical person answered a similar question regarding the basics of six motor arcade that could be helpful.

Is this for all six motors? It sounds like you may want to mess with inverting a few of the motors in your different Arcade functions.

I made one function for 4 of the drive motors. And another function for the last two.

Basically it drives forward and backwards fine but turns left when I want right.

I don’t think it’s the inversions because if I change any of them they turn against eachother which is obviously wrong.

Which motors are in which functions?

Ok could you try switching the joystick directions in the program? It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with Arcade drive in Operator Control so I can’t picture it exactly. However, is there something you could press underneath the joystick channel you select to invert the direction of that specific joystick? Your joystick, when pressed right, sends the robot left currently correct? So what if you switched the direction in the program so that when you press right, it actually goes right. It would be like a double negative almost. I’m not entirely sure if this is possible though.

Ok. Function one: left front-3 left rear-1 right front-8 right rear-10
Function two: left-2 right-9

No, I’ve thought of that lol but if you look at the controller, there are only 2 numbers for the axis on each joystick. If I were to try and change it, I’d have to turn with one joystick and drive forwards with the other

After see your quoted post, could my problem be that I’m mixing ports 1 and 10 with ports 2-9?

So you couldn’t invert the x-axis only? I figured as much though. It was a bit of a long shot :o.

According to that post it could be. I have never had trouble with that but maybe you could make your 1 and 10 ports your lift and make your ports that were for your lift your drive. That may be something to try.

Also, could you possibly send a picture of the Arcade function window with your motors in it or paste your code in here? Or even better, if you could do both that would help a lot. It would help me visualize it a bit more.

I’ll try switching the ports.

As I went to disconnect the motor from the motor controller, the pin broke off. FML D:<

Didn’t work

Hm that’s less than ideal. Could you PM me a picture of the Arcade function on your computer?

On an unrelated note, congrats on Senior Member.

I can’t right now, maybe I can tomorrow.

And I did even notice that. Thanks lol

Ok. Mr. Pearman could probably help you with this without the picture but it would help me to see what you have so far.

No problem. I’m getting close haha.