easyC downloading code from robot->pc, not pc->robot?

Hey all,

I am relatively new to easyC and I have a few questions with regards to downloading code from robot to a pc.

Currently I have a robot with existing code already on the VEX module, because I am taking over a project from a previous programmer, I would like to have a backup of it before I make any existing changes to the code in Cortex.

Is there any way to do this? I can only seem to find pc->robot downloading and not the other way around.

Also, is there any way to link two seperate .ecpx codes together into one main file? Or does all the code have to be written into one final file? ie. I currently have code for the accelerometer functions, and I also have a file for basic robot movement functions. Is it possible to just call the accelerometer code from within the final code?

Any insight to these issues will be appreciated!


You cannot backup the code in the microcontroller.

You can combine code from two programs by right clicking and choosing Add Existing Function from the User Functions block. Then you can point easyC to your old code and import the functions by clicking ADD. If you add a function that is in use easyC will ask you to rename the function. Then just call the function in your program or copy paste the code in the function a remove it.