Easyc Evaluation

I have been trying to evaluate intelitek easyC on a computer without internet. Since I can’t get the evaluation code online or by email, could someone send me their evaluation number? I do rightfully own easyc 2.X and I can provide the PC specific code and CD key If need be.

Thanks for any help

Contact IFI via email and ask them to help you out - I presume they will be glad to give you the code(s) you need.

I think you want to send your request to Jessica Boucher. A quick search turned up the thread at this URL:

Contacting them about these sorts of things should be your first instinct - They are quite reasonable about helping users work through license difficulties.


easyC runs in evaluation mode for 7 days so you can try it out. If you need longer then that please contact [email protected] we will gladly help you out.