EasyC Files Not Opening

EasyC V4 refuses to open any easy c files. Just happened after turning on the laptop today. We’ve tried reinstalling easyC, restarting the computer etc. but nothing has worked.
Any idea what we could do to recover these files? They seem to be corrupted somehow.

I would make sure that the hard drive/file directory that the c files were stored on hasn’t corrupted.

What do you mean? How does it refuse? Does it display an error message? Does it put up an error dialog? Can you get a screen shot of any error dialog it generates?

Depending on what the actual symptoms are, there are many probable solutions. Need a little more information.

It just says something along the lines of easyC could not open [filename]
I’ve narrowed it down to just being a corrupted file. At this point I just want to salvage the information.

Can you send the file? I’ll look at it and recover if possible. Unless you want other people to see it, send it in a private conversation.

@Anemeh18: I was able to test things this morning and look at all the files. Unfortunately, whatever you had written before is gone. The code you create is stored in the .BDS file. In your case, that would be “Voyager IV.BDS”. However, that file contains all zeros now, and nothing else. So, for some reason, your code is gone.

The .HEX file in the project contains the last thing you compiled, and It looks like that still could be downloaded and used (though I haven’t tried that.) But the code you wrote is gone.

Thanks for taking a look, much appreciated, that laptop was corrupting any file written on it so we just started a new on a different laptop.

@Anemeh18 Sorry for your (data) loss. I encourage my teams to keep multiple copies with revision numbers in their file names so they can easily fall back to a prior release.

Keep backups on a thumb drive and in the cloud. Thumb drives allow you to recover at a tournament when you don’t have internet access or your laptop has issues and the cloud is there when something like the thumb drive or laptop gets lost or corrupted.

I know it’s frustrating to lose your hard work. I am hoping to offer this a solution for you going forward.

We had two different copies, both in the cloud. Easy C managed to corrupt every single file we worked on this season, I’m not entirely sure how. But it got to files both on the hard drive and those in google drive.