Easyc How to Hold your Robot lift up with PID/ Integrated Motor Encoders?

I need help with the programming part of holding my 8 bar lift up without Joystick control.
Is there a way to do this?
Or can i provide constant power to my motors in operator control?

Because i have not had any luck on any type of PID control in Easyc

What sensors are available? Is it controlled by a joystick or by the buttons?

The simple fix here is to just constantly run the motors at a low level, 10 - 20 power. This will allow the motors to lock into place and keep your lift up.

Another alternative is to add elastics to your lift. If you are worried about motors burning out, we’ve had two motors running at 13 power for the whole season and they still work perfectly!

PID is the professional way to keep your lift up but if you don’t want to spend the time learning about PID loops then I’d go with one of the simple fixes listed above.

Best Regards!

I agree to seahawk, except for saying that a PID controller is hard. There is a lot of example code online and some of that code you can just run without changing anything. It always depends on your abilities and your skills: A team that spends 200$ on sensors can keep it in place perfectly while a team with only limit switches might struggle with that (it’s not impossible though).

Elastics are definitively helping because they can give your lift an effective weight of 0 (or even negative if you need to). I didn’t believe it until i tried it the first time and put so many rubber bands on that the lift was unable to move down (yeah, it was unable to go DOWN) :smiley: .

I wouldn’t suggest to just let a motor run at a low speed because the speed needs to be adjusted with the weight that get’s added to the arm. However, it’s an easy way of doing it and it’s still better then nothing and letting your drivers fight with the whole lift system.