EasyC I ned help!

Our team, the Techno Chix need help with the EasyC program. We are running into an error, and the computer says " To press a PROG button. Where is the button? We need an answer ASAP.

Ok, go up to the menu bar and opne the terminal window. Then go to port settings, and chose one of the com ports. Keep going through until you find one that works. Then chose it and see if it downloads. If not try another one. The com ports are names of the USB ports, so however many USB ports your comp has is how many com ports will allow you to chose them. Hope this helps.

Thanks. But we still have the problem. Where is the PROG button? that is the button we need. :confused:

i have no idea other than the the program button on the programming module

As far as I know there is no “PROG” button, try asking in the ask the experts section of the forums.

Check your e mail today you are using the wrong version of easy c

is there any way to make a servo go 1080 degrees and be able lift 8 pounds???

It could lift 8lbs if you had the right gearing and have a heavy enough robot, easily. and I think you ment 180 degrees, and if you want to go that far you would have to go with a motor. (Motor=360/ Servo=100 degrees)

Look in the Programming Section of the Invertors Guide.

See page 8-11 an 8-12 of the Programming Section of the Invertors Guide to find the Com Port on your computer.

Make sure that the IFI downloader is set to the correct Com Port (See page 8-16) so it will communicate with the Vex Controller.

Also See
** Programming Module Button**


go to the site and download the new version of the program yours is probably outdated

there is no programming button on the vex, it is used with the frc robots

things you should check is are you using the proper port,
to check go to control panel, system, hardware, device manager, ports (COM…) and there should be ports with (COM’x’) where ‘x’ is what your looking for, then in easy c you will go to build & download, loader setup, and set the COM port option to whatever the COM was

or check to make sure you are plugged into your robot correctly (its always the stupid things)

from your friendly programmer on team 1777 hope to see you at competition

The Programming Button is on the Programming Module for the Vex.

For FRC Robot Controllers, the Programming Button is on the Controller, next to the Reset Button.

They seem to serve the same purpose…

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we need lots of help since we cant figure out the light sensors. the light sensor resets its self and takes 3 min to balance out the values.mwe need to know if you need to turn the robot off.

we had the same problem last year you guys had with the button thing. if im not mistaken we called the people at the company and they walked us through a solution.

i believe the PROG button is the button on the orange cable, its small on the little module that connects the serial cable to the ethernet cable