EasyC - Joystick and Button Mapped to the Drive?

My team is trying to implement a “creep” mode for precise alignment. The goal is that when the joysticks are pushed, the 4 drive motors run normal, and when the up or down buttons are pressed on channels 7 or 8 the left or right motors run at a lower power to make alignment easier. However, when we load this program, the buttons work normally, but the joystick won’t move the robot. Auto works just as before. Is this even doable in EasyC? Is there a better way to do this? Any help is appreciated.

It is “doable”

You probably have the “button not pressed” condition overriding the joystick control, post some code and you will probably get more feedback.

I would structure it like deadban code but instead of no power when the joystick is around zero use button control.

{Joystick control}

You can also read the joystick data in a variable and use a button to divide this variable by 2 then which will result in the robot running at a slower speed while the button is pressed. I am not sure if you can directly use the drive function to divide it, if that’s possible you can even skip the variable stuff.