EasyC License Keys Needed

Team 9848 here, we are looking for people with spare EasyC license keys to donate! If you have any laying around we would really appreciate the donation! We have more and more students wanting to learn how to program.
Thank you!

Version 4 would be best compatible with the software we have now.

Good luck getting support for that!
The only people likely to have extra keys are teachers, who will save them for extra students/future years. Sorry, but this isn’t Goodwill, I’ve been hoping for some IME donations for yearsand they haven’t come either.
You’d be better off getting a corporate sponsor to pay for it.

I have numerous Easy C licenses I am willing to part with since my teams now only use RobotC. Sadly nothing in VEX is free. Please message me if you would like to continue the conversation. I believe I have 6 or 7 to work with.