easyC on portable* hard drive?

Hello. I was thinking about getting a hard drive bay for my desktop, so I can easily plug and unplug a 2.5" hard drive into it. I would do the same thing for my laptop.

My question is, if you install easyC to that hard drive, can I open the program from the laptop and the desktop? Is the license for the computer, or the drive?

I don’t always want to program from my laptop, because it is crap. I only use it because it is portable, and I can take it to meetings. I can’t really do that with my desktop.

I hope this can be done. Thanks.

You can’t do this, easyC needs to be installed ob both computers. You can transfer your seat back and forth between the computers.

Help -> Registration ->Transfer

If you click the help button on the window it will guide you through the process it take literly 30 seconds.