EasyC Partner Controller

Hey everyone. I’m an inexperienced programmer and I’d like to try out a partner joystick configuration on Easy C V4. What I’d like to know is: do I need to add anything to my program for this to work? Also, where do I plug each cord in. I will be using two regular joystick controllers.

You simply need to change the controller number from 1 to 2 on the block you are using that needs to be controlled by the partner joystick. For your question on cable plug, just plug your cable (I am assuming you already have it) into the partner port on both controllers.

Ok thanks. With the cable, is it a normal phone or Ethernet cable? Or do I need to order something specific. ( don’t have controller to look right now)

This is the cable you need, I do not know what kind of cord it is, but it looks to be a regular telephone cord. (Not 100% sure because I have never personally used one)

EDIT: It is just a normal phone cable as can be read here

Thank you very much. Will you be at Warren on the 15 I think it is?

Yes, we plan to attend the Warren competition and also the one at Crown Point.