easyC Pro or V2?

I currently have easyC V1 but am looking to upgrade. What is the difference between Pro and V2 and is there a reduced fee for upgrading from V1 to pro if I go that route?

There are two big differences from easyC V2 and Pro. Pro has a C editor included meaning you can either create code with blocks, type it directly into the C editor or a combination of both. EasyC Pro also has an extended library that allows you to use more advanced sensors like gyros, accelerometers and vision camera. If you are using easyC for FVC, V2 will do everything you need for the competition. Pricing info can be found at www.shop.intelitek.com. Hope this helps.

I found the price for upgrading from V1 to V2, but not V1 to Pro… Is it that easyC Pro Additional Seat Upgrade?

It is the same price, so order it like you have V2 because is now the standard version shipping in the Vex programming kit from IFI.