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The internet is going to end

We’re screwed man

I know

I want to die

Just pay another 500 bucks to your internet provider and you’ll be fine :smiley: (Rip we all ded)

describes the very feelings of the day

“We’re done for everyone get out!” Voiceover from when your vehicle gets destroyed in WoT

RIP all my memes.
At least a bunch of states are suing the FCC



Pls bring back Net Neutrality… Pls…

The question is how much will it cost to use the vex forum after everything is in full effect

Net neutrality is now another advantage of being in the uk. Alongside free vex competitions.

It is clear there are a lot of people who have no idea what the 2 year old “net neutrality” was and who it helped and who it hurt.

Clearly, you don’t remember how horrible it was before net neutrality. I’m not sure how we ever managed to do anything.

Things stopped being wonderful today.

Here’s another blatant example of Republicans being completely out of touch with the electorate. It’s become increasingly clear that politicians have become nothing but pawns that can be bought and sold by their corporate puppet masters. We can only hope that people start to wake up to what’s happening. Unfortunately, it’s likely going to take pain for that to happen. If everyone realized that their content they love to access on Netflix, Hulu, social media sites, etcetera will require premiums, they’ll wish they would have done more to stop this particular front on the war on the middle and lower classes.

I feel bad for US, but as I understood it, Congress can still stop it from going through, and it will take 60 days anyway, and could possibly be delayed further due to states and corporations taking the FCC to the courts?

Yeah, it’s definitely not as bad as many here are making it out to be. It is disappointing that our bureaucracy (and our elected leaders in the Senate, who confirmed Ajit Pai) have failed to abide by overwhelming public support of net neutrality, however. I just think giving internet service providers the ability to shake down websites (like what some did to Netflix and League of Legends) is definitely a bad thing. And many ISPs are taking the duplicitous position of being for the repeal of net neutrality, but claiming that they won’t change how they operate… sure, seems legit!

Congress could vote on a law that basically undoes what was done, but they don’t actually have to vote to approve the FCC policy, I believe. However, the chance of that is extremely slim, considering a majority of senators had to vote to confirm Ajit Pai in the first place, and the president would have to sign off on any such bill (and he nominated Ajit Pai to kill net neutrality).

The solution to the problems created by government intervention were not solved by more government intervention. Net Neutrality was more government intervention. Rather than support monopolies for ISPs, let the free market take over and have more options for high speed internet. With more competition, if you do not like what the ISP is doing, go with someone else.

If a person wants to only use the net for checking emails, they should not be forced to buy a package that includes streaming lots of movies.

More freedom = Good
Less freedom = Bad

Only way this will end up remotely fair is if the total cost of the packages for internet at the same speed add up to the same cost of your current internet bill, basically just buying what you need and paying for that fraction of the original bill.

Let’s face it though, did you really think internet companies care about us?

They care exactly as much about us as Ford, Microsoft, Exon Mobil.

I’m sad. Just…sad.