easyC programming problem

I install the default program in the Cortex and the system (motors and servos) works fine in all respects, which indicates all the hardware and at least the default program software works OK.

However, if I build a simple program for a robot, anything I program to the right joystick (1) works fine, but nothing seems to work on the left joystick (2).

I have even built a program with only one joystick motor, first on the right joystick and it works OK. I then just changed the joystick number to 2 and the channel number to three, reload the program, but nothing works.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you sure you are not confusing Joystick # and Channel #? Joystick # refers to the entire gamepad. If you only have one joystick, it will default to joystick 1. The second joystick (#2) is tethered to the first joystick with the VEXnet key.

There are 4 analog joystick channels on each gamepad.

Please zip up your code and attach it to your post if you are still having issues. Hope this helps!

Thanks - my problem is solved.