EasyC Registration

I have reformatted my PC with Windows 7. This time I did follow the proper steps to generate a remove code from the PC, but after E-mailing it to Intelitek
(VexRegistration at intelitek dot com) I have received no response for over a week. I am not sure if it is a good idea to e-mail them again to get another unlock code as this has happened to me before(reformatting PC without remove code). I have the proper remove code but at this point I am not sure how to get my EasyC registered again.


You can just use your CD-Key and unlock the software.

I have tried, but I still get error 1007.

Please e-mail customer support, [email protected] include your cd-key

I just realized that there was a typo in the CD-key that I sent Intelitek, I corrected it and resent the e-mail.

Thanks for your help!

OK, you should have the update