EasyC Support Material

Hello Everyone,

I apologize if this question is found elsewhere in the forums, but does anyone know where I can find support material for EasyC Pro? My team has recently decided to try out EasyC and so I’m trying to figure it out more in depth.

I know the basics like creating if/else statements, run motors, etc. but how would I go about things like creating functions?

  • Sunny

I’d recommend installing the EasyC Pro demo on a computer and looking through the help file which is a great source of information.


Hi Sunny,
I would be happy to stop by and do a demo/workshop …

Sup Mr. F.

I think I have everything figured out, I was primarily wondering how to code a t-drive, but if I need anything else, I’ll drop you a PM.

  • Sunny

One of the great things about easyC is the incredible quality of their help files. Try using the “help” function built into the program. I bet it will get you 99% of the way to where you want to go.