EasyC trial error

Im trying to download a program with the easyC v4 trial program. When I compile and download the program, it pops up: failed to get Vex system info (trying to get system info with cable unplugged).
Ive tried updating the cortex, but it doesn’t detect it either.

What can I do to fix this?

Im running windows 7. And I just now downloaded the trial. During installation of the program, I never unchecked any of the boxes.

Check you Device Manager you should see under Ports, “Vex Robotics Controller COMX” in the device manger.


If you don’t there is a problem with your driver.
You need to be an administrator to install drivers.

Each USB port on your computer installs a unique driver.

Install programs for the driver are located in the start menu Under easyC V4 for Cortex \ drivers. The USB-to USB Driver is called the “Vex Programming Installer Driver