EasyC V2 Complete Guide

Who would like an EasyC V2 complete guide that shows you how to everything (or close to it) that easyC can do. How much would you pay for it?

I personally wouldn’t want to waste money on something that already exists. First of all the help file and the example codes in EasyC are very accurate and helpful. They will help you program most of the sensors, motors, and sensors.

As for the C part of the program. I would reccomend searching the web for tutorials. There are alot online that are super and for free.

This website below is the best source for learnig C online. It has everything that a beginner and an advanced person needs to learn C


I would reccommend downloading DEVC++. It is a free C and C++ compiler that will allow you to execute most of the codes in the online tutorial.

here is the link to the download file.

There are also many books that will help you learn programming in C. Check your local library and barnes and noble.


I know very well of all the C books out there (I have one my self). I also ahve MPLAB, Borland C++, and DEVC++ (with the additional C feature). Also a book on beginning game programming with C. What i meant by a complete easyC guide was a book (or an online manual) that has pictures and tons of example programs using all the features of easyC. i think this would help rookie teams in FTC.

But remeber, all the features of EasyC are in the help file. There are aslo videos and pictures. The help file is basically the EasyC book.

there are vids! sorry i didn’t know about this

The videos are the ones that show how the codes execute. Try the links.