easyC V4 Released - VEXnet 2.0 Key 1.46 Support

We’ve finished testing and updates for easyC to officially support Mastercode 4.23 and Vexnet 2.0 firmware version 1.46.

New features include:
• Full Featured Trial Period (7 Days)
• XP/Vista/7/8, 512MB RAM, 250MB HDD, 1024x768 Display
• File Size: 100MB
• VEXnet 2.0 Support Requires Radio Version 1.46
• Updated Firmware Utility 4.1.5
• Updated Mastercode Firmware 4.23
• Improved RegisterRepeatingTimer Compatibility
• Improved Help File
• Improved 125% and 150% DPI Support

Hello, I am having trouble installing this version. Once the installer finishes it fails to launch EasyC and an error message silently pops up behind the installer window. It simply states, “Starting Error”. I believe this is related to socx5.ocx because when I attempt to register or unregister that library I get an identical error message.

This is on Windows 7 64-bit. This is a clean install of EasyC, ie it wasn’t installed on this computer before. Both the installer and cmd.exe were launched by selecting “Run as administrator.”


(The same error message appears for both unregistering and registering.)
install complete.jpg