EasyC V4 Cortex Interrupt Watcher Help

Dear Vex Forum,
I am having difficulty making the interrupt watcher function operate properly.

I have attached 2 programs. One that uses the polling method to read digital input6 with a switch. The polling methods reads the switch and saves a variable based on if the switch is ever pressed. Then, later the variable, not the switch, is read and
motors/servos are disable. I used this program with the students in this years OCCRA VEX competition with the EasyC V4 Cortex programming language. This program is in Stop_Switch 4 zip file attachment.

I wanted to used interrupts for next year, rather than polling, because it is a better method.
I created a simple interrupt watcher programming example based on the operating Stop_Switch 4 program (now Stop_Switch 11 program) but was not successful in making it work properly. Can you take a quick look to see if I am doing something wrong in the operator control portion of the program? I am an experienced programmer/mentor and wonder what I am doing incorrectly. The interrupt watcher examples are somewhat scarce.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.
OCCRA_2010_Stop_Switch11.zip (42.7 KB)
OCCRA_2010_Stop_Switch4.zip (42.7 KB)

Don’t call StartInterruptWatcher in the while loop. Call it at the beginning of the program.

Thanks, I give it a try.

Just so you know with all of our interrupt based sensors, digital, encoders, ultrasonic.

Calling Start Enables the interrupt handler routine

Calling Get Gets the Status of the routine

Calling Stop Disables the routine

We have a bunch of samples in the samples directory.